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Continuous performance management system helps organizations to retain good talent, place them in the right position, align their individual performance objectives with the organization’s vision and strategic objectives, develop their abilities, and reward performance in proportion to their successful contributions.

IT enterprises are looking out for an automated Performance Management application, that can better extemporize the appraisal process to boost the employees’ performance.

UPRAiZAL Solution

360’ degrees Review
Point-in-time appraisal solution

UPRAiZAL facilitates periodic point-in-time employee reviews with regular check-ins instead of annual, half yearly or quarterly review. It is the process to obtain, analyze, and record the information about the relative worth of an employee to the organization.

Continuous Feedback
Measures Employees Contribution in totality

UPRAiZAL provides 360 degrees’ view of the contribution being made by each employee in the organization at any given point of time. Along with task measurement, UPRAiZAL also measures additional contributions, activities and the soft skills of an employee. In other words UPRAIZAL gives a holistic perspective to an employees contribution to an organization which is recorded, rated, measured and appraised.

Integrate Data from Project Management Software's to HRMS/HCM’s software's
Constant Conversation builds transparency

UPRAiZAL has the feature of analysing the tone of conversation between the employee and manager. Constant conversation between employees and managers helps in building a transparent work environment. Very clearly UPRAiZAL helps in guiding and managing career development of employees, thus improving the employee engagement, productivity, and motivation.

UPRAiZAL Connectors
Internationalization & Multi-tenancy

UPRAiZAL app also facilitates Internalization, which means UPRAiZAL can be configured in multiple international languages alongside UPRAiZAL supports multi-tenancy and can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment wherein each user is configured based on a role and can login into the application after proper authentication and authorization.

Configurable KPI based Task Ratings
Objectives and task based

UPRAiZAL can be configured for Objectives based performance appraisal system wherein objective is defined at the organization level which gets divided within each department and finally breaks down to a task at the last granularity and correspondingly the task performance is rolled up into the objectives set for the organization to see organization wide performance. UPRAiZAL can focus on the performance of an organization, a department and an employee. It includes activities that ensure that objectives and tasks are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

Enables Operational Efficiency
Performance Improvement Plan

Based upon data collected, if the employee shows poor performance fresh set of goals are established for that employee and new deadline is provided for accomplishing those objectives. The employee is clearly communicated about the areas in which the employee is expected to improve, and a stipulated deadline is also assigned within which the employee must show the improvement. Performance improvement plans are also jointly developed by the employee and the manager and is mutually approved.

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