UPRAiZAL is an efficient solution for any Customer Service Support (CSS)

Objective based performance Measurement, Capable to derive KPIs from any kind of customer data, helps retain proficient resources, Increases ROI, and intensifies the competitiveness in employees, Improves customer satisfaction.

Customer Service can be any of the following models:

  • Facilitating product offerings to customers like lead generation.
  • Providing Technical Support to their products – voice and non-voice basis.
  • Offering sale and support to third party products.

UPRAiZAL for Customer Service plays a vital role in developing an unbiased appraisal system in Customer Service oriented departments. Objective based performance measurement, all tasks/activities would be considered for appraisal, timely appreciations and rewards motivate the organizational workforce to work much more competently.

Key Challenges

  • 01
    Performance evaluation using all types Customer support KPI parameters
  • 02
    Point-in-time Appraisal
  • 03
    Objective based performance evaluation
  • 04
    Micro monitoring individual performance across numerous teams using a proven system
  • 05
    Reducing the service tickets count
  • 06
    Defining requirements and reach targets in-time
  • 07
    Ensuring positive feedback from customers on CSR availability

How UPRAiZAL Addresses all these challenges?

Performance evaluation using KPI’s

Performance evaluation using KPI’s

If any Customer Service department has its own KPI’s and metrics to evaluate the employees’ performance, UPRAiZAL can automate it with its distinct approach. UPRAiZAL can either read the KPI parameter data from client data sources through ETL (Extract Transform and Load) or the user can define the required KPI parameters and formulae and can link that to any rating parameter. These rating parameters, that are bound with KPIs, will help in measuring the performance of an individual for the tasks being assigned.

Point-in-time Appraisal

Rating generated is a continuous accumulation of tasks which provides point-in-time appraisal helping in identifying performers and non-performers early on as compared to a quarterly/yearly review. Based upon data collected underperforming employees can be put on to appropriate Performance Development Plans (PDP or PIP as required) with pre-set objectives and measurement criteria which is transparent to the employee and manager.

Point-in-time appraisals also helps the Customer Support Organizations/Departments to hold the valuable resources, who responds to customers with exact solutions.

Performance Evaluation Point-in-time Appraisal
Objective based performance evaluation

Objective based performance evaluation

UPRAiZAL measures each task with a pre-defined measurement criterion thus removes subjectivity and provides objective criteria for measurement of actual contribution of an employee. A task can be picked up from the task library or a new task with defined measurement criteria can be created.

Micro monitoring individual performance across numerous teams using a proven system

Large sectors like Customer Service, have several teams and multiple hierarchical levels, which becomes a challenging task in monitoring employee level performance. Granular levels task evaluation helps in a better way to monitor individual employee’s performance. Along with, NLP (Natural Language Support) in UPRAiZAL, helps in recording the employees’ tone and sentiment and identifies the red flags, if any.

Performance Evaluation Micro Monitoring
Performance Evaluation Reducing the service tickets count

Reducing the service tickets count

Facilitating the customers with suitable solutions and closing the tickets in a reasonable time is a major task. As the service ticket count surges, continuous hiring of resources, training them on their products will be a big challenge. UPRAiZAL with its customized solution, which includes Chatbot – TriXCi, that provides automatic replies to generalized queries and helps in reducing the service tickets count.

Defining requirements and reach targets in-time

UPRAiZAL, with its various features like check-ins, KRA, point-in-time rating, etc. provides an easy-to-use and perfect solution. KRA’s and its targets helps the organization to know the employees’ efficiency and performance trends.

Performance Evaluation Reach targets in-time
Performance Evaluation CSR availability

Ensuring a positive feedback from customers on CSR availability

UPRAiZAL helps to maintain utilization of platform with its feature, Gamification, with an underlying logic, that ensures the employees to be engaged all the time with the system, as they earn points and badges upon performing certain activities. This enhances interest in employees and makes CSR available at any time. UPRAiZAL also provides a 360 degrees’ feedback instead at regular periodic intervals, which helps organizations to identify contributors and non-contributors.

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