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Business Process Outsourcing

UPRAiZAL Enables an Efficient High Performance Workforce

Improves organization’s retention rate and creates happier and motivated employees

UPRAiZAL for BPO is of extreme importance as it helps the Organizations to have a fair and meaningful appraisal system to enhance the employee retention. A good appraisal and recognition mechanism are the biggest rewards to satisfy the worthy employees and to retain them in the Organization for longer time.

Key Challenges

Managing Continuous Monitoring – a big overhead
Continuous Monitoring

Currently the Business Process Outsourcing industry is facing a big challenge of continuously monitoring Agent/Recruiter/Trainer performances thereafter rating and rewarding them based on their performance.

Defining Clear Objectives and Expectations
Clear Objectives

Developing Agent/Recruiter/Trainer Objectives and setting expectations and clear defined criteria to rate their tasks is a challenge. UPRAIZAL takes the user away from the ambiguity seen in current performance appraisal systems.

Role Based KRA’s
Role Based

In the current performance appraisal systems there is no process for auto assignment of KRA’s which are role based, process based or life stage based. UPRAiZAL enables auto assignment of Role based KRA’s.

BPO Lifecycle

UPRAiZAL Solution

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