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Appraisal Software

Appraisal Software is an integral part of any Organization which helps Organizations and its Employees to achieve their goals and visions. Appraisal Software provides a periodic process to evaluate employee’s performance and productivity based on pre-defined objectives of employees and organizations. UPRAiZAL goes beyond the standard appraisal process and provides a Task-Based Performance Appraisal Software System, which is flexible and is continuous and gives a point in time ratings for all tasks being performed by employees.

Traditional Performance Appraisal generally answers two main questions for employees: ‘What are your expectations for me?’ and ‘How am I doing to meet your expectations?’.

With the help of UPRAiZAL Management Software, an employee is evaluated only for his performance without any manager biases with Appraisal Software. At any point in time, the employee knows how he is performing and what would be the steps to improve the performance.

Unlike traditional Appraisal Management Software process, wherein the review cycles are generally yearly, half-yearly or quarterly, UPRAiZAL is an innovative approach to conduct an employee assessment on a task basis. Appraisal Software provides a platform to evaluate employees for every assignment or engagement or a project or a task they are allocated. In organizations, where the team size is big, it is challenging for a manager to evaluate his team. Hence evaluating an individual‘s performance based on tasks is an efficient approach.

As each task has well-defined timelines for completion, the manager can as well track the progress of the task and evaluate an individual’s productivity. So this enables the Manager to leverage his team’s competency levels and also submit realistic effort estimates for planning future projects.

Effective Appraisals and Appraisal Software also help organizations to identify employees specific training requirements to improve their productivity and skill set.

To conclude, UPRAiZAL is a diligent process to align organizational objectives with employee’s aspirations and dreams. Appraisal Management Software process constantly evaluates employees at work to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization thereby keeping its employees motivated and satisfied with constant feedback and transparent Appraisals.

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