How UPRAiZAL Is Addressing A Task-Based Appraisal Process?

Task-Based Appraisal Process

Before you’re stuck or remain in a state of perplexity over unfair categorization of employees using bell-curve approach in performance appraisal system and force managers to put employees in low performers, average performers and top performers categories; despite knowing everybody has contributed to their ability – May or may not be the correct system to evaluate the most valuable asset of the organization – it’s Employees.

Well, UPRAiZAL Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software can help you to get rid of this unfair categorization of employees and prevent employees from losing their morale and further lowering their job performance.

UPRAiZAL, unlike traditional appraisal systems, UPRAiZAL is a continuous Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software which moves away from the traditional bell-curve driven year-end appraisal. This highly configurable system gives provision to accumulate task ratings earned throughout the year for year-end appraisal and for assessment of core competencies.

UPRAiZAL helps you get rid of year-end appraisals and evaluate the employee on Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software assignment so that you don’t have to wait to see performance after one year. It also helps an organization to remain in absolute clarity of the ‘Contribution’ of each employee.

Let’s plunge deep into Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software and see how UPRAiZAL is unrolling itself to become the best fit for task-based appraisals which help the organization to evaluate its most valuable asset – Employee. This will help to boost the confidence in employees and increase the job performance with actual (non-forced) task-based ratings:

  • UPRAiZAL does not force evaluator to put employees into categories of low, average and top performers, in fact, there are no categories, but accurate ratings and cumulative points of tasks completed help you see the level of contribution made by each employee without the employees being disconnected & discontented.
  • This application can be initiated from Microsoft Outlook – Plugin, iOS Mobile app and web application.
  • A task will be created by immediate superior along with proper timelines to submit and specify the reviewer who will review and rate the task.
  • Employees assess and rate their own work upon task completion, so employee participation becomes a key factor in this appraisal process, moreover, the employee must choose from descriptive parameters so the self-assessment is done objectively and not by mere numbers.
  • Immediate superior will review the employee task once the employee assessment is finished, this rating isn’t based on mere numbers, but descriptive phrases are provided for each criterion. The specific criteria are configurable for review and can be configured for specific organizations and departments within.
  • A cumulative task rating is visible underperformance summary to showcase the overall employee performance.
  • Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software helps the manager to evaluate each employee at every stage of work execution for a point in time rating.
  • It helps an organization to get transparency in every stage of employee assessment and overall appraisal process and provide complete 360-degree feedback of employee performance with accurate and data-driven analytics.
  • This application is Do-It-Yourself configurable for any size of organization– means organizations can themselves fully configure this application within a few hours.
  • It can be deployed both On-Cloud as well as On-Premise or can be integrated into existing HRMS applications.
  • Customization is an excellent out-of-the-box feature which will fit into your existing organization workflow and is customizable as per organization-specific needs.
  • Comprehensive performance dashboards with interactive and intuitive visualizations of tasks and technology/projects and resources along with task performance of employee offer informed performance assessment of the employee.
  • Get real-time assessments of employee performance.
  • Different versions to suffice every organization need – Basic, Professional and Enterprise, each version is bundled with loads of features, details can be found at UPRAiZAL Pricing.

Thus, UPRAiZAL proves to be best fit for continuous Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process Software and helps the organization to get rid of traditional appraisal processes and to eliminate distortions in the performance appraisal system with means ongoing multi-level Task-Based Employee Appraisal Process performance assessments. Like to know more about UPRAiZAL..

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