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Understanding TriXCi for UPRAiZAL

TriXCi is the conversational interface chatbot for UPRAiZAL. It uses artificial intelligence and chats with the users based on the response from its proprietary AI models. It interacts with the user without any human interference. TriXCi replies with voice, text-to-speech response or a combination of both.

Key benefits of TriXCi

  • 24×7 assistance – TriXCi can assist the user whenever he/she logs in to the application. She improves the user experience of the application. The user feels attended to and spends more time on the application. This increases the chances of conversion.
  • Prevents redundant hiring – TriXCi acts as a customer care executive chatbot, is capable of answering all generic questions related to the application, thus saving the company from hiring a customer care agents for attending the users.
  • Immediate response – TriXCi provides immediate response without keeping the user waiting. It is also free from any human error like forgetting information or transpose, the user hence receives correct and comprehensive information about the application.

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