Tone and Sentiment Analytics – NLP

Tone and Sentiment Analytics or NLP (Natural Language Processing) has become more than the need for major business houses today. The NLP is based on Machine Learning technology, it helps in detecting the underlying sentiment by analyzing the textual conversation between the manager and the employees within an organization

Tone & Sentiment

Here are the reasons why tone and sentiment analytics (NLP) is important for your business

  • Conflict resolution – UPRAiZAL as a tone and sentiment analytics tool can help in conflict resolution between the manager and his team mates. UPRAiZAL’s tone and sentiment analytics or NLP technology detects the underlying emotions hidden in text messages and raises a red flag whenever required. The mail is sent to the concern person for faster resolution of problems.
  • Providing insights – The NLP feature analyses the human behavior from their text messages that they sent. This helps the management to get valuable insights about an individual, team or a department.
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