Point-In-time Appraisal

The Point-in-time Appraisal prevents you to wait for a time of the year to appreciate the hard work of the employees they invest in an organization. UPRAiZAL helps you is creating a repository of the employee performance data that can be referred to appraise employees anytime.

Point in time

How can Point-In-time appraisal add value to your business?

  • Removes subjectivity from the appraisal system: The Point-in-time appraisal removes subjectivity from the appraisal system. The ratings are completely based on the substantial metrics and not on any favoritism. The employees need not wait all the year round to know about their performances.
  • Easy identification of performers and non-performers: The Point-in-time appraisal helps you to identify the performers and non-performers in a team. The manager or the supervisors can have a look at their performance ratings and pin-point the under-performers within a team or a department.
  • Improved organizational process: Point-in-time appraisal help an organization to have structured work processes. The employees can have an idea about their performance, discuss with the management to clarify his/her expectations and plan. The point-in-time appraisal helps both the management and the employee to use the data for setting long term and short-term goals and modify and reframe the company’s existing recruitment and induction practices.
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