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Task Management

Task Management

Here at UPRAiZAL, we recognize that having optimizing task management functionalities is integral to any organization seeking a comprehensive performance appraisal management system. When creating task management support, we deem it necessary to utilize clear, accurate, and measurable OKRs for each task.

Doing so allows managers to better lead their team with work roadmaps tailor-made for each employee with the goal of bolstering their productivity, expanding their skillset, and advancing their career within the organization.

UPRAiZAL: Task Management Leads to More Productive, Happier Employees

A vital element of the UPRAiZAL performance management system philosophy is fostering the right type of employee engagement, ensuring they know what their tasks are, and how their efforts align with company goals.

Research from CEB unveiled the following data:

  • 95% of managers are unhappy with the way companies conduct their performance reviews at the moment.
  • 90% of HR leaders believe the performance review process doesn’t reveal accurate information.

The team at UPRAiZAL recognizes how problematic these statistics are, and our performance appraisal management platform seeks to reduce both of these numbers.

It is common for employees to underperform, causing tasks to fail, and costing businesses valuable financial resources due to a poorly planned task management strategy. UPRAiZAL was developed with up-to-date performance management technological tools and methodologies to empower business managers and employees. Over time, all parties involved are able to perform at a higher level, adding more value to their organization through more successful performances.

Task Management

UPRAiZAL advances organizational task management systems

Here at UPRAiZAL, we believe it’s important that employees have the right guidance to achieve goals that are measurable through OKRs when determining their value to an organization. Read on to learn some benefits that our performance appraisal management platform is providing to businesses seeking to improve their task management processes when dealing with employees.

  • Personalized Task Management: Communicating with employees at a personal level plays a vital role in increasing their productivity. By having specific tasks for each employee that appeals to their job title, needs, and goals, a business is able to empower that employee, aligning their efforts with organizational needs.
  • Transparency in Task Assessment: UPRAiZAL provides a more simplified and transparent task management system with a clear task roadmap.
  • Work from Home Support: Being able to complete tasks from home is an important element of most companies seeking to grow in the digital age. Our platform allows employees to work remotely, and it helps to manage their productivity since every task is measured objectively.

These are some of the features that our performance appraisal software is designed to help businesses, managers, and employees achieve.

For more information on UPRAiZAL’s task management functionalities and to request a demo, contact us now.

Challenges Task Management Helps to Solve


Underdeveloped performance management is still a common issue for organizations, and UPRAiZAL recognizes this shortcoming. Research from Qualtrics unearthed the following findings:

  • 62% of workers are engaged in their work in the U.S.
  • 44% of workers say their manager is effective at helping them manage their workload.
  • Employees with managers who frequently help them manage their workload are 8 times more likely to stay with their company.

Our team at UPRAiZAL is aware of the inefficiencies and lack of support in existing task management methodologies, as well as the limited technological tools to help organizations better manage employee tasks. With this in mind, we developed functionalities in our platform to help businesses overcome these challenges.

Key UPRAiZAL Task Management Features

Here are some of the features we incorporated into our software to help your managerial task assessment needs.

  • Performance Assessment Tracking: To optimize talent management endeavors, UPRAiZAL developed a 4-step Performance Assessment Tracking system that goes as follows: creating and assigning a task; managing, monitoring, and completing the task; self-task measurement from employee; feedback and review from manager. This feature adds visibility to the performance assessment process.
  • Gamification for Tangible Results: Our employee evaluation system uses a gamification feature that is point-based to better identify who the performers are, and who the non-performers are. In the task review and feedback process, UPRAiZAL rates employee efforts objectively, while managers give them recognition when they perform well, and offer constructive advice when they underperform. Everything can be measured using OKRs.
  • Specificity Is Important: It is vital for organizations to identify what an employee’s tasks are based on their job, what areas they perform well in, and where they’re lacking training. Our platform bolsters the talent management process with specific tasks to improve the quality of their work and their productivity levels. These metrics can be measured within UPRAiZAL.
Talent Management
  • Every Action Is a Configurable Task: Getting to a granular level is part of the UPRAiZAL philosophy. Our performance appraisal management platform strives to help organizations develop well-rounded, engaged employees. It is possible to measure every action through a task, aiding employees and businesses in reaching their performance objectives at the end of the year.
  • Facilitating the Right Language: The terminology and methodologies your organization uses plays a vital role in building the values that you believe in. With UPRAiZAL task management, you can incorporate language that is aligned with your company culture, shaping employees in a way that is consistent with your values.
  • Remote Task Support: By permitting employees to work from home, organizations provide them with a flexibility that is consistent with the current workplace environment. Identifying their contribution from afar is vital, and UPRAiZAL provides task management measurement and support regardless of where they are.

These are some of the relevant task assessment features to keep in mind when utilizing UPRAiZAL to help your organization and employees progress. Such technologies are essential to the business world today.

This is especially true when taking into account that, according to research from VMWare, 54% of CIOs surveyed agree that making business applications easily available for their workforce reduced attrition rates. This research also found that 87% of respondents find that digitally empowering employees can bolster at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years, which task management technology helps businesses achieve.

Performance appraisal management

At UPRAiZAL, we recognize that not all tasks have the same requirements. With that in mind, we developed multiple types of tasks on our platform, including the following:

  • Standard task: These are regular tasks that a supervisor or manager creates within the platform. Such tasks consist of steps that employees need to complete correctly. They include parameters to evaluate employees’ work based on the type of task.
  • Metric task: Here we have tasks that are measured based on targeted amounts or percentages.
  • KRA task: Such tasks are created automatically according to the frequency of the data received, which could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Automation is key in optimizing the employee evaluation process today.
  • Stretch task: These are like standard tasks, but with an added element. They propel employees to go above and beyond their job duties with actions such as mentoring a teammate. Stretch tasks are also measured.

Here is a brief preview of what the Task Progress Summary page looks like for each employee, marking each task as being either just opened, in progress, completed, or closed.

Task management

To encourage managers to assign tasks and employees to complete them on the go, UPRAiZAL is also available as a mobile app.

UPRAiZAL: Improving Task Management, One Step at a Time

UPRAiZAL was developed by utilizing research from top analytics firms, providing organizations with a decentralized performance appraisal approach. The platform uses an objective approach for measuring employee performance through tasks that include point-based assessments. Our approach to task management is also transparent, ensuring managers and employees are on the same page on a consistent basis. Over time, the platform facilitates the upskilling of employees and their continuous alignment with organizational goals.

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