"" Best Alternatives to Bell Curve for Performance Appraisal

Still Caught In The Bell-Shaped Performance Appraisal? Time To Move On To The Next Generation Continuous Task-Based Appraisal Management System (UPRAiZAL)

Bell Curve for Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is an integral and important part of any and every business. It produces several benefits for employees as well as an employer. It helps employees understand where they stand in terms of their field of expertise and if there is any room for improvement. Employers, on the other hand, can track employees’ performance, efficiency, skill, expertise, etc. and plan to promote employees who stand out in terms of performance and alongside arrange training or workshops for those whose skills can be improved further. Best Alternatives to Bell Curve for Performance Appraisal enables all the employees within the organization to keep improving and moving forward.

The big question now is, does the performance appraisal process really brings out what it is intended to? Is it focused rightly? Is it transparent? Is it able to keep aside human influence and past history of an employee?

There are several drawbacks to the traditional performance appraisal or year-end performance appraisal process. It may be a project based performance appraisal. Several projects run for months and there are ups and downs in an employee’s performance during the project’s lifetime which may not be recorded precisely and the final rating may be given based on the project’s final success/failure.

If an employee is more productive at the end of the year or near the year-end at appraisal time, his recent performance might affect his rating for the whole year which may not be the correct assessment. On the other hand, if an employee, due to some reasons, has not performed as per the expectations at the end of the year, his efforts for the remaining time for that year may not be captured completely in the appraisal due to his recent impression. This is an unfair system of appraisal.

Many times, rating performance is mere numbers which may not justify the assessment, which is the case with the traditional appraisal management system and UPRAiZAL is the best alternatives to bell curve for performance appraisal

Feedback as a tool

UPRAiZAL (upraizal.com), a continuous task-based appraisal solution holds the key to overcome all these issues. It moves away from the traditional bell-curve and which is best alternatives to bell curve for performance appraisal driven year-end appraisals with a highly configurable web-based application which provides continuous ongoing TASK assessment solution to derive year-end ratings for annual appraisal as an accumulation of the task ratings earned throughout the year along with an appraisal of core professional competencies.

Some of the features of UPRAiZAL are as below

  • It can be initiated from MS Outlook as an Add-in, can be downloaded from the App store and installed on the iOS Mobile devices and is also available as a Web Application
  • Immediate superior creates a task for the resource. Then assigns the task along with specifying the reviewers who will review the tasks.
  • The key factor is employee participation. The employee will self-rate his performance after completion of each task. As the employee has the choice of selecting from the list of descriptive parameters which is not just numbers, their self-assessment is completely objective. Thereafter the Reviewer will Rate the task.
  • The Rating in UPRAiZAL is not based purely on numbers, but the choice of descriptive phrases which is rendered when rating against each criterion on the task it is being assessed on. The criteria and logic for task appraisal are configurable and customized as per organization requirement and every department in it.
  • A comprehensive performance summary showing the overall employee rating provides a one-stop in sight of one’s performance.
  • Evaluate each employee at every stage of work execution for a point in time rating.

Employees are the most valuable assets of every organization, but still, they are unhappy and unsatisfied due to reviews based on their tendency or based on their recent behavior. UPRAiZAL overcomes these distortions on performance assessments on the basis of multilevel task-based performance assessments.

Now gauge your team performance on a task basis, technology stream basis, project basis and on a company-wide basis in drillable dashboards. Move on to agile performance in an agile work environment – Move on to UPRAiZAL

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