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Point-in-time Appraisal

Understanding Point-in-time Appraisal

UPRAiZAL’s performance management system tracks down the individual performance to the granular level. Appraisal management becomes more objective as the performers are rewarded based on substantial metrics and not on assumptions or favoritism. UPRAiZAL offers complete insight on an employee’s past and present performance record, based on which the consistency of his future performance can be predicted.

Key Benefits of Point-in-time Appraisal

  • Hands-on rating – With UPRAiZAL the employees do not have to wait for months to know about their performance ratings. Every task they complete is thoroughly evaluated and rated allowing them to have a clear idea about their performance.
  • Structure organization processes – UPRAiZAL helps to structure an organization’s processes. The employee can identify his problem areas, discuss with the management, clarify his expectations and plan for the future. Both the manager and the employee can utilize the data for setting long-term and short-term goals. The statistics can be utilized to reframe a company’s prevailing recruitment and induction practices.
  • Reliable organization policies – UPRAiZAL elucidates an organization’s appraisal management policy. Everything is transparent and clear adding to the trustworthiness of the organization which adds to employee retention.
Point-in-time Appraisal

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