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Performance Management Application UPRAiZAL, an intuitive and comprehensible Employee Performance Management application, acts as an absolute solution for all the employees in the organization. It breaks down the complex workflows into simple tasks which helps in removing subjectivity and brings in objective criteria of employee appraisals. As employee assessment contributes a major part in addressing the long-term goals of an organization, appraising the workforce at the right time intensifies the employee contribution, thus increases the efficiency. Employee performance Management application like UPRAiZAL helps the organizations with point-in-time appraisals which bring complete transparency in the appraisal process which brings the best out of every employee. A perfect employee performance appraisal system with well defined objective appraisal criteria helps to recognize the employee’s efforts and enhances productivity. UPRAiZAL, A Task Management software, supports organizations to gain deeper insights on how the employees are accomplishing their tasks in the set timeline along with their professional conduct. These insights aid in analyzing the employees’ ability in handling the multiple tasks with the desired skill set and helps in accelerating the employees’ performance. UPRAiZAL helps to Nurture and enhance the skill set and talent while getting the best out of the average contributors of an organization. This performance appraisal application let managers to continuously recognize, motivate, and engage employees through gamification and increase workforce productivity. Additionally, this transparent performance appraisal application enhances the communication between all the contributors which in turn, helps in the continuous growth of an organization.

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