Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan or PIP is the by far the best way to pull up the performance of the under-performing employees in your organization. UPRAiZAL’s Performance Improvement Programs is based on the employee’s KRA. The manager can evaluate the performance of his subordinates and create a tailored PIP for him/her. The employee must undertake the program and complete the tasks assigned to him/her on time to get a higher rating

Performance Improvement Plan

Better performers in the organization
The Performance Improvement Plan helps in upgrading the employee performance to the expected level. The employee must undergo the PIP and try for a higher rating . He/ She might have to undergo the PIP in the manager feels that his/her performance is not up to the mark.

Mitigating the risk factor
A PIP can mitigate probable risk factors. Through UPRAiZAL you can easily detect the underperformers in a team who can pose an imminent risk to a project. The PIP can help the underperformers get back on the performing track thus mitigating risks factors like exceeding deadlines, delays or failures in a project.

Self-evaluation for employees
The employees can self-evaluate themselves using the PIP. They can understand and rectify their shortfalls. The PIP helps them to strengthen their weakness and become more productive for the company.

Reduce the requirement for rehiring
The PIP of UPRAiZAL helps the employees to understand, evaluate and rectify their short comings and thus upgrade their performance level. The PIP helps an organization to have better and more efficient employees and thus avoiding the rehiring process which is both time consuming and expensive.

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