Performance Improvement Plan (Effective PIP)

Understanding UPRAiZAL’s Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

UPRAiZAL offers the perfect performance management platform for corporate. It offers end-to-end tracking of employee performance which later reflects on his/her appraisal. UPRAiZAL helps to identify the under-performers and non-performers in a team. The employees with poor performance records are sent an intimation to take up a specially designed performance improvement program which effectively contributes to their performance improvement.

Benefits of the UPRAiZAL’s Performance Improvement Plan

  • Easy identification of the non-performers – UPRAiZAL helps to track employee performance to the granular level. This is the best way to identify the under-performers and the non-performers. Legacy performance tracking systems fail to track individual performances which adversely affect the team performance and productivity.
  • Risk prediction and mitigation – individual performance tracking helps the manager predict probable risks that non-performers and under-performers can impose on a project. The manager can take measure to mitigate potential risks.
  • Self-assessment – The underperformers are sent on a specially designed performance enhancement program. This helps them to find their lacks and put the required effort to get their performance back on track.
Performance Improvement Plan

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