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Why do you need a performance appraisal software for IT firms?

Performance Appraisal Software For IT Firms

IT professionals are especially skilled people who are into the job of transferring information through a computer or computer system. These specialized jobs cannot be assessed by the standard pen-paper evaluation. They require carefully-tailored performance appraisal software for IT employees which can streamline the overall appraisal process. There are some key benefits that a performance appraisal software can drive for IT employees, let’s look at some of these.

Key benefits of performance appraisal software for IT firms

  • Individual performance recognition – Information technology firms club employees into teams who perform together as a part of a project. Every individual has their own share of tasks which cumulatively adds to the success of the project. However, it often becomes difficult to assess the individual performers within a team. A task-based performance appraisal software for IT employees makes it easier for the management to acknowledge the individual efforts. UPRAiZAL is a task-based performance appraisal software that allows the manager to rate his team members based on the task they have accomplished. This makes employee assessment less subjective and more individual-centric. The employee is rated based on the viable effort he/she has invested.
  • Employee engagement and retention – Most IT companies lack employee engagement and thus have a very high employee attrition rate. It is very difficult to retain employees for more than five years despite offering them a competitive salary. According to the Gallup Poll, engaged employees are around 21% more productive and work more motivated in their jobs compared to their less-engaged peers. UPRAiZAL has a unique feature to engage employees. It has a platform that has a gamified appraisal. The employees can earn points, win merit badges and top leaderboard, which on its turn affect their appraisal ratings. This is by far the best way to engage employees and motivate them to put more effort to improve their rankings.
  • Risk Analysis – Analyzing probable risk factors is an absolute necessity in the IT industry. Risk prediction can prevent missed deadlines, customer dissatisfaction and loss of the project. One of the biggest risks is under-performers or non-performers. This is where you need a performance appraisal software for IT companies. With UPRAiZAL, identifying under-performers and non-performers is simple. The task-based evaluation and ratings separate the performers from the non-performers who can adversely affect the smooth progress of the project. The manager can identify and design performance improvement programs for the weaker performers. This not only helps in mitigating risks but also enhances the productivity of the employees.
  • Recruitment and Induction– IT companies hire people with specialized skillsets. Having a performance data of the earlier recruited employees helps the organization streamline its future hiring and induction processes. UPRAiZAL involves an inventory of employee performance data that can be referred to before hiring new talents or carrying out induction. These data act as a guiding stone for the hiring manager or the HR personnel to understand which employees can prove more effective to the company and what alterations are needed in the induction process to have more motivated and effective workers.

Performance appraisal software for IT is imperative to have a transparent and effective appraisal process for IT firms. UPRAiZAL not only streamlines appraisal but also improves the overall employee performance. To know how you can utilize UPRAiZAL to improve the bottom line of your business, contact us today!

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