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People Analytics – Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Objectivity is essential for a performance appraisal management platform to be as effective as possible. UPRAiZAL removes bias and brings objectivity when measuring the efficacy of an employee’s performance with cutting-edge People Analytics technologies such as Natural Language Processing, or NLP.

UPRAiZAL: People Analytics Unearths Insights and Removes Conflict

UPRAiZAL’s NLP feature is derived from Machine Language technology. The technology analyzes textual data from any conversation between a manager and employee. The software then provides insights based on the text by examining the tone of the conversation, and bridging any differences between the two parties.

Performance Appraisal

Transparency in communications between employees and managers is important. With this idea in mind, UPRAiZAL created the People Analytics feature to clarify tasks, comments, surveys, negative feedback, and more. The UPRAiZAL NLP algorithm is very similar to the one used by IBM’s Watson, assessing unstructured with the goal of shedding light to high conflict and low employee engagement areas.

Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s Natural Language Processing

  • Provides Insights – UPRAiZAL’s NLP feature is focused on understanding and processing human language and emotions. UPRAiZAL’s People Analytics strategy provides insights at an individual, team, departmental, and organizational level.
  • Resolves Conflicts – This unique feature assists HR in identifying and resolving conflicts among the manager and their employee related to performance management by detecting the tone of any underlying sentiments prevalent in the conversation.
  • Finds the Right Keywords – Keeping a track of the conversational data can help an organization to detect and create repository keywords relevant to its requirements.
  • Decodes Unstructured Textual Data – Analyzing textual data that lacks structures. Conversations can be messy with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other language nuances that NLP can make sense of to bolster talent management.
  • Improves Customer Experience – UPRAiZAL’s NLP functionality is designed with the future of People Analytics in mind–recent research finds that the global Natural Language Processing industry is slated to reach $29.5 billion by 2025. This study also discovered that enhancing the customer experience will be a key implementation of the technology. To improve the customer experience, it’s necessary to increase employee engagement levels of employees.
  • Aligns Company Culture: NLP can help the manager align the company’s goals with the employee’s tasks through textual conversation by analyzing any discrepancies between the two.

All of these NLP features and solutions were developed by UPRAiZAL with the goal of building stronger, and more transparent intra-organizational relationships.

For more information on UPRAiZAL’s Natural Language Processing feature and request for a demo, contact us now.

Challenges People Analytics and NLP Seeks to Tackle

The value of UPRAiZAL’s NLP functionality in solving difficult organizational challenges is backed by reliable research and data.

A study by Gartner discovered the following:

  • As of 2020, 50% of analytical queries will all be generated through natural language processing, search, voice, or will be automatically generated.
  • The research further discovered that conversational analytics can have a positive impact on your OKRs when adopted by every employee.

The UPRAiZAL team recognizes there are several major challenges with current performance appraisal management software. Our NLP feature was designed to overcome a number of obstacles, including:

  • Lack of Clarity: Employees and companies sometimes have communication breakdowns, negatively impacting performance evaluations. This issue can be addressed with the language parsing and analysis capabilities of NLP.
  • Objectivity: Performance data can be subjective and manipulated with other performance appraisal platforms. UPRAiZAL’s NLP functionality reduces bias and subjectivity to ensure there is clarity in tasks and conversations between managers and employees. This People Analytics feature can reduce conflict, improve managerial task management, and boost productivity
  • Continuous Engagement: Many performance management systems only offer feedback on a periodic basis, rather than on a more continuous manner. NLP technology encourages regular communication and feedback between managers and employees by analyzing textual conversations swiftly, ensuring both parties are consistently on the same page.

These are all prevalent issues in performance appraisal management platforms today.

A study by Gallup found that only 4% of company and HR leaders believe they are very good at engaging millennials and other generations in a work environment. This research suggests that businesses still have a long way to go in addressing vital obstacles in fostering employee engagement. UPRAiZAL helps organizations overcome these problems.

Our team believes that increasing employee engagement can be achieved by managers being more proactive in communicating with employees. Such communication can be targeted via email, text, and messaging platforms.

UPRAiZAL’s People Analytics feature is able to analyze these messages and offer a variety of solutions, including identifying which employees may be at risk, what their engagement levels are, and finding any patterns prevalent within an organization.

Key UPRAiZAL NLP Features

Natural Language Processing

Context is important in every conversation, and we recognize this.

Our NLP feature is able to offer transparent and contextual insights in real time to interactions between managers and employees. Having this information at hand right away can reduce confusion and conflict, while also enhancing employee engagement and productivity levels. Over time, this technology can promote employee merit with Badges when they reach certain milestones at their jobs.

UPRAiZAL’s People Analytics methodology and NLP functionality is also valuable to employees and managers in the following ways:

  • Onboarding and Training: Facilitating the transition of a new employee joining the company. When learning new skills or training on the job, NLP is able to read and analyze any written answers, providing analysis and feedback.
  • Third-Party Compatibility:The platform is compatible with third-party software such as Outlook and Jira. When data is imported from Outlook and other platforms, UPRAiZAL can analyze the tone and sentiment of any text conversations as well.
  • Nuanced Dashboard: The UPRAiZAL NLP functionality has a Tone & Sentiment Analysis dashboard that examines different messages that a manager or employee is having with the other party. The dashboard lists each message, date, and comment type, and then analyzes the sentiment in a message, whether it be Neutral, Negative or Positive.

NLP functionalities pave the way for increased talent management and retention, ensuring your best employees have a desire to stay with your business. They also reduce rates of absenteeism, increase productivity rates, and keep turnover rates low.

The People Analytics technology also encourages healthy competition, while also strengthening the peer-to-peer relationship. The combination of these elements is integral in fostering a sense of community among departments and hierarchies within an organization.

UPRAiZAL is also working towards becoming a more international performance appraisal management platform, and it is now available in English and Arabic. The NLP functionality applies to both languages.

Tone & Sentiment

UPRAiZAL: The Ultimate People Analytics Tool

UPRAiZAL was developed by utilizing research from top analytics firms, providing organizations with a decentralized performance appraisal approach. The platform removes bias, using NLP to foster objectivity and reduce conflict when assessing a conversation between an employee and their manager. Furthermore, UPRAiZAL provides real-time textual conversation analysis, fostering transparency in interactions between employees and managers. Over time, NLP is able to propel higher employee engagement rates.

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