Natural Language Processing

Understanding UPRAiZAL’s NLP feature

UPRAiZAL NLP or Natural Language Processing feature is based on Machine Language technology. The software assesses the textual data from the conversation between the manager and the employee. The conversation can be relevant to task clarifications, comments, surveys, negative feedback, etc. The UPRAiZAL uses the NLP algorithm to analyze the tone of the conversation to detect the underlying sentiment. This feature is very similar to the IBM Watson.

Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s Natural Language Processing

  • Provides insights – UPRAiZAL’s NLP feature is focused on understanding and processing human language and emotions. UPRAiZAL helps in providing insights into an individual, team, department and organizational level.
  • Resolving Conflicts – This unique feature assists HR in identifying and resolving conflicts among the manager and his team member related to performance management by detecting the tone and underlying sentiment prevalent in the conversation.
  • Organizational keywords – Keeping a track of the conversational data can help an organization to detect and create repository keywords relevant to its requirements.

For more information on UPRAiZAL’s Natural Language Processing feature and request for a demo, contact us now.

Natural Language Processing Differentiators
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