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MS Outlook Integration

Understanding UPRAiZAL’s integration with MS Outlook

UPRAiZAL integrates with MS Outlook and other add-ins like Team Foundation Server, MS Dynamics CRM, Share point , JIRA, GIT HUB and Google Task. The Outlook Integration prevents the user from logging from the web application every time he/she wants to access the application. The user can initiate, allocate, track, rate and close tasks from the MS Outlook add-in.

Key Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s MS Outlook integration

  • Improved communication – Integrating Outlook with UPRAiZAL helps to combine the data in the emails, tasks or calendar event, thus promoting faster and better communication within the team. The manager can set reminders for tasks assessment, email team directly from the Outlook plugin.
  • Efficient Teamwork – The real-time access of the dashboard across all the teams assists in sharing accurate information to increase transparency and teamwork.
  • Offline capabilities – Integration with Outlook helps saving data on local servers for offline accessibility. Hence, associating the user’s email with Outlook which ensures that no important communication is missed. The email will be available on the next logging.

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MS Outlook Integration

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