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For most businesses, human resources are one of the most valuable assets. However, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to monitor everything each employee does to work out the true ROI. Annual, manual appraisals are outdated. Plus, with a rise in remote workers, traditional methods are no longer feasible. Measure WFH performance with UPRAiZAL, which uses real-time insights, gamification, NLP and a variety of smart strategies to increase employee engagement and accurately track performance.

While you and your managers might not have enough time in the day to track each employee — especially when you can’t physically see them: UPRAiZAL does. Use data to make objective business decisions. Plus, increase productivity, encourage excellent work practices and address weaknesses when they arise.

If you’re ready to streamline processes, improve productivity and increase productivity, you can request a demo and start using UPRAiZAL today.

The Rise of the Remote Worker

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have realized how much of an asset remote employees can be. You save money on office space, in-house training and consumables — costs that can mount up into thousands of dollars each year.

Employees benefit from saving money on commuting, increased flexibility with child care and more time at home. It’s a win-win situation. If you’re serious about your bottom line, it’s worth looking into deploying a WFH strategy.

Encouraging existing employees to WFH and hiring new remote employees could free up a significant amount of capital. Now is a great time to reinvest in technology to ensure your business can keep up to date with the competition.

Remote Worker

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee Engagement

Every person who works in your business contributes to its overall success. Each individual performs at a different level, according to their skillset and experience. Paint-by-numbers manual performance reviews don’t consider this, while simultaneously allowing for too much subjectivity from well-intentioned managers. UPRAiZal helps you to create personalized improvement plans based on real-time metrics.

When you don’t physically see team members, you might think it’s challenging to get them engaged. However, it’s easy when you deploy the right tools.

WFH Employee engagement is all about getting the workforce excited about performing well at work. There are many ways of doing it, but technology and gamification appear to be the most effective in history. Most people love playing games — and everyone adores the convenience offered by smartphones. UPRAiZAL harnesses the appeal of these features to engage employees better than ever before.

How Does UPRAiZAL Performance Appraisal Software Work?

UPRAiZAL lets you accurately measure employee engagement based on hard data. You input their goals, tasks and objectives into the software and it measures performance and engagement based on those metrics.

A line manager reviews each task and provides pre-programmed insightful feedback — a process that doesn’t take much time at all. We don’t use numerics because it doesn’t tend to give a fair picture.

WFH employees are virtually unsupervised, so it’s even more critical that you find a way to track their progress and keep them engaged. Performance management and appraisal software is your virtual supervisor. It’s able to report on productivity, engagement, and even communications accurately. This is just as useful for day-to-day management as it is for structured performance reviews

It’s equally important to reward workers for a job well done as implementing an improvement plan is for poor performance. With UPRAiZAL, you can effortlessly gather the information you need to do both. Employees also review their own work and conduct a self-assessment based on descriptive phrases — not overly simplified numerics.

This encourages initiative, independent thinking and provides information to deliver fair performance reviews based on the individual’s opinion and that of a manager.

Are Satisfied Employees Engaged Employees?

Looking after employees and making them feel valued is one thing, but employee engagement might be even more critical — especially with a WFH team. If they’re engaged, it’s noticeable to customers and colleagues, creating a positive knock-on effect on sales and productivity.

Engaged WFH employees are motivated to be the best brand representatives they can be.

Disengaged employees are more than just a financial burden; they also affect your company’s reputation. Even a satisfied employee who isn’t engaged is a risk to your business. Satisfied employees show up to work, do their time and go home. Instead of taking the initiative or striving to improve, they’re simply meeting expectations.

Satisfied Employees

You might be surprised to learn that employee engagement is low in the United States. Here are some interesting statistics from Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report.

  • Disengaged employees cost the United States between $483 billion and $605 billion each year in lost productivity.
  • 51% of employees are either not actively engaged, or they’re actively disengaged
  • Only 33% of American workers are engaged

Gallup conducted research on a range of companies. Those that performed best on employee engagement experienced a variety of benefits:

  • 41% lower absenteeism
  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 21% higher profitability
  • 20% higher sales

Engagement isn’t about making your WFH employees feel comfortable or satisfied. It’s about inspiring them to strive for the common goals of your organization. This involves clear communication of your companies values and making an active effort to engage them. The results are improved productivity and increased revenue.

What Sets UPRAiZAL Apart From Other Performance Management and Appraisal Software?

Many features contribute to making UPRAiZAL one of the best options for WFH performance appraisal software on the market. Let’s explore three of them in greater detail:

UPRAiZAL helps you in managing your remote employees by giving complete transparency into the value they are adding to your organization – giving a real time view on how teams are engaged for the day by providing Realtime dashboards on their goals, objectives & tasks allocated to them.

UPRAiZAL is flexible enough to accommodate a goal or a hierarchy of goals, an objective or a hierarchy of objectives cascading down the line or a task level granularity covering all kinds of employees so that everyone is clear on what is expected and what is the measurement criteria so that expectations can be managed.

Constant Conversation With Natural Language Processing

Constant conversation is the UPRAiZAL way of encouraging constant communication between WFH employees and managers. NLP analyzes all written comms to identify the underlying sentiments in the text. When the primary means of communication with your WFH is textual, this is one of the most valuable features of the software.

HR can identify issues in communication and take structured action to rectify the situation for the greater good of the company. These insights are more profound than what the human eye might catch, so they give an unparalleled insight into each team member.


With old-fashioned paperwork and word of mouth, it was almost impossible to have a 100% accurate picture of how well every employee is doing. Some people are extraordinarily adept at seeming busy but not doing very much. This type of attitude is catastrophic for a business, but it’s more commonplace than you might have realized.

Without performance metrics in place, it’s even harder to measure the output of a remote worker than people you can see. UPRAiZAL software eliminates the risk of managers misunderstanding how much value each member of staff adds to the business.

Take a look at some case studies that showcase the incredible work we’ve helped businesses to achieve.


As society shifts and changes, so too must workplace practices. While quiet office spaces and structured meetings used to be the best way of engaging workers, gamification has taken over. Human beings are instinctively competitive, with a strong drive to prove themselves. That said, it’s straightforward to slip into neutral and coast — if we don’t feel stimulated enough.

Instant gratification culture means people need more stimulation than ever before. Instead of fighting against these changes — harness the potential of performance management software and get more out of staff.

Kudos, badges and the potential to win a space at the top of the leaderboard feeds into the need for gratification. In turn, this makes workers significantly more driven to prove themselves and strive to reach the next stage.

If you notice a WFH team member isn’t engaging, you can analyze their metrics and make an educated guess as to why. When you approach them for a one-on-one remote meeting to nudge them in the right direction, they’ll be blown away by your insight into them as an individual.

How Does Performance Appraisal Software Improve WFH Output?

  • Provide Guidance In Real-Time: Don’t let bad habits set in. With UPRAiZAL, you can address issues as soon as they arise. Plus, it’s handy for managers to blame the tool for noticing poor performance. Staff take it less personally — and are therefore more responsive — when they don’t think another person is judging them.
  • Gamification Offers Unparalleled Employee Engagement: For all the reasons mentioned above, gamification is an excellent way of engaging WFH employees.
  • Android and IOS Apps for Optimum Engagement: With an app that’s compatible with Android and IOS, your workforce has this tool at their fingertips. Additionally, it depicts your company as a forward-thinking innovator. Positive employee perception of your brand is another motivating factor in engagement.
  • Escape the Inevitable Grasp of Subjectivity: Stop using numbers and potentially biased managers to analyze performance. Use data and eliminate the risk of subconscious bias.
  • Save Valuable Time: Compiling performance reviews and conducting endless meetings to try and work out how well each employee is doing is time-consuming. Spend a fraction of the time on performance reviews and benefit from more accurate metrics.
  • Empower Employees and View Their Perspective: Self-assessment means employees are included in the entire process. This lets you know how they perceive themselves and empowers them because they know their opinion matters.
  • Structure and Purpose for Each Employee: When you have an accurate understanding of performance, you can set personalized goals and objectives for the future. Customization is highly-valued by today’s society, so staff retention is likely to increase when you use UPRAiZAL, too.
  • Chatbot Promotes Initiative: WFH employees can go onto the website at any time and get a range of questions answered by an AI chatbot. This takes pressure off of supervisors and encourages them to troubleshoot for themselves. The more employees feel empowered and independent, the better engaged they tend to be at work.

Measure WFH Performance with UPRAiZAL

Get in touch with the team here at UPRAiZAL today. Find out more about how performance appraisal software can help you to increase revenue and enjoy unparalleled levels of employee engagement.

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