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Understanding UPRAiZAL’s interoperability

UPRAiZAL is highly interoperable. It can be integrated with and accessed through multiple interfaces and can link projects to task management software. UPRAiZAL assists to inherit data from numerous sources and turns them into tasks. The result of the task can be made available on the source system or can be exported on an HRMS or HCM suite.

Project & Task Management

UPRAiZAL is integrated with several add-ins – like – MS Outlook tasks , Team Foundation Server, MS Dynamics CRM, Share point , JIRA, GIT HUB and Google Task. UPRAiZAL application is also accessible from Microsoft Outlook by configuring the application plug-in. From Outlook, user can create the tasks and rate the tasks like UPRAiZAL web application. Outlook plug-in enables the users to perform all the operations without re-login to the web application.

Key benefits of UPRAiZAL’s interoperability

  • Cost effective – UPRAiZAL can easily integrate with your existing software infrastructure. You need not invest any extra fund to change your existing setup. The entire process of deployment can be done within two weeks, saving both your time and money. Moreover, UPRAiZAL supports a multi-tenant environment, so you can run any department as a tenant.
  • Data Security – UPRAiZAL can integrate with your existing systems, use your KPI’s and turn them into a task. It can also export the result on your existing source system thus guaranteeing complete data security.
  • Improves efficiency – Since UPRAiZAL is interoperable and easily integrates with source systems, it helps is secured data sharing, reducing overlapping works and time consumption. To put in other words UPRAiZAL help organizations have improved and efficient processes.

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