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HR Analytics – Benefits and Utilization

HR Analytics

HR Analytics, which is sometimes also referred to as people analytics is a technology to analyze workplace data by the managers, supervisors, and executives and use it for organizational decision making. The HR data is extremely valuable to have well-organized processes, happier, productive employees and lower the attrition rate. Earlier, even the most valuable HR data went unused. Whatever data was used, it was on paper, charts or as a table format. However, in recent times with Big Data and Analytics, organizations are utilizing this data and using them to predict upcoming scenarios; like when employees might leave, when and how can you recruit suitable candidates and how to keep employees happy within the organization.

The benefits of HR Analytics

The HR Analytics has multiple benefits, assisting in informed decision making, predict patterns within the organization, provide suitable recruitment recommendations, track problems and resolve them faster, have better-engaged employees and help them have good work experience. The HR analytics focuses on data-driven HR processes that add value to the organization and drives performances all-across.

What are the key metrics that can be tracked through an HR Analytics?

  • Employee Productivity – Presently, employees have more flexible working hours. It is no more restricted to a frame of eight hours. The need of the time is to create a productivity index to know how the employees are performing which can only be done by data optimization using an HR analytic tool.
  • Employee Engagement – Engaged employees are more productive. HR analytics tool helps an organization to judge how engaged its employees are. Are they under the stress of work, are they happy working for the organization, how much are they contributing to the organization? All these answers can be easily obtained through an HR analytic tool. These data form the bedrock of fabricating more sustainable organizational policies to have a better-engaged workforce.
  • Early Turnover – High employee turnover rate is the toughest challenge for any organization. An HR analytics tool can provide you with insight into employee behavior. A higher turnover rate indicates that something within the organization in terms of meeting expectations or employee satisfaction needs to be amended to keep the turnover rate down.

UPRAiZAL as the most effective HR analytics tool

UPRAiZAL is designed to effectively analyze HR data for an organization. It is an employee performance evaluation software that tracks the performance of employees as individuals and as team players. UPRAiZAL also helps in removing the subjectivity from the appraisal process, making it more effective. It maps employee performance with appraisal, thus encouraging point-in-time appraisal. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology helps the HR track employee behavior through their textual messages and analyze the underlying emotions, helping in achieving a faster resolution of problems and maintain healthy workplace culture.

For more information on UPRAiZAL as an HR analytic tool, request for a free demo today!

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