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Understanding UPRAiZAL’s gamification feature

Through UPRAiZAL, organizations can aim towards better employee engagement. The platform has intuitive gamification feature where the employees can earn points and win merit badges for completing certainpre-defined activities. Points and badges are offered for logging in, successfully completion of tasks, acknowledging a colleague’s efforts or helping them. The points scored by an employee can impact his/her appraisal.

Key benefits of UPRAiZAL’s gamification feature

  • Engaged employees – UPRAiZAL gamification feature stimulates the employees to use the platform. They feel motivated to successfully complete the tasks assigned to them or lend out a helping hand to a fellow worker to score more points or earn a merit badge.
  • Inculcates strong behavioral changes – UPRAiZAL’s unique gami-fication feature induces behavioral changes among the employees. It evokes a competitive spirit and induces a sense of achievement. The employees are motivated to learn, perform better and achieve the goals.
  • Improved company’s bottom-line – Employees who are well engaged in their activities are the more productive ones. The motivation to score points encourages them to perform better, thus adding up to the companies bottom-line.

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