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Facts To Know About An Ideal Employee Performance Reviews

Ideal Employee Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews is often looked upon as a dreary and a time-consuming process and to accomplish it a set number is already defined for the annual increments. Often both manager and the employee conclude the process of Employee Evaluation as a mere procedure and mostly one way, i.e., Employee Reviews or feedback from manager to employee wherein the employee gets an opportunity to hear about his yearlong performance in a nutshell. Organizations still follow this? Why? We all know feedback has most value when it’s fresh in our mind. The receiver will have many more chances to think back on the situation and take necessary action to improve in a timely manner.

A Feedback-rich culture in any company can address many problems and behaviors and can reward exceptional performance on a continuous basis. This can remove some bitterness for letting an easily fixed issue remain for months and eliminate surprises.

In fact, most of the employees feel their managers are usually unprepared to give Employee Performance Reviews or feedback during Employee reviews. And employees usually react to a performance review by looking for a new job, complaining to their colleagues and cursing.

The essence is that the Employee Performance Reviews suffers from a widening gap between managers and employees’ expectations. Companies need to radically change their process for sharing Employee Reviews or feedback in order to retain top talent and stay competitive. HR professionals and organizational change experts have been forecasting the expiry of the traditional Employee performance reviews for years, not just because of the research and studies, but not only are these systems disliked but also because they’re becoming unconnected with today’s changing world.

As most of the companies in recent times are hiring employees based on their cultural and technical fit, it becomes far more apparent that traditional performance-based questionnaire or checklists for each employee are becoming obsolete. Instead, more focus on individual employee goals and tasks being accomplished is being stressed on.

As per the changing world of work, there are many simple yet powerful tactics that can be followed by the companies in order to be more productive and to align their business strategies towards the overall organizational development.

Feedback as a tool

Even though frequent feedback could be exchanged anonymously in the beginning, but its observed that people are getting more comfortable with expressing their opinions openly over time. As today’s workforce actively seeks feedback it will be also be taken well if these are formulated meaningfully and clearly. This way the person who gave the feedback will naturally develop an instinct to share feedback at the right moment in the right way.

Various studies and reports have shown that more trustful and open relationships exist among team members and managers when managers share feedback more often which is helpful and meaningful to the receiver. This will be a great opportunity to capture and recognize timely achievements and accomplishments. Employees also have an opportunity to identify their areas of strength/opportunities/growth after Employee Evaluation and during open feedback sessions.

This is a state that truly boosts employee engagement and happiness in the workplace. People who learn and make progress in their career not only have a greater sense of purpose and motivation but are also more productive in their workplace. People learn to become better day by day and don’t hesitate to develop even further or work for longer hours.

Using Technology as a feedback tool

Companies should use today’s workforce tech savvy attitude to their mutual advantage. The regular feedback employees crave doesn’t always necessarily need to be delivered face-to-face or through lengthy discussions in a closed room. Even though digital means, regular feedback can be made more dynamic and transparent. This frees managers to focus on helping their direct reports to improve more and more, by being all the while engaged and productive in their work. There’s now a need of integrated digital platforms to streamline the process, giving managers and employees more resources to keep a track of the progress being made on each task on a regular basis. The more often you check in, the more fluid and honest, those conversations can become.

However, technology needs to be used in a more refined and strategic way, particularly for Employee Performance Reviews management, to reap more benefits and for the long-term success of everyone involved. This should be balanced predominantly as an employee engagement platform, ensuring that we do not lose out on the humane touch out of Employee-Employer relationships, time and again reinforcing the value of human beings in a myriad of ways. Better culture, more contented employees, more productive teams, more productive managers and greater profitability overall can be achieved on how well we use the technology in Employee Performance Reviews management. As we reshape our company’s culture of feedback to become more continuous, our employees’ development will be tied to the company’s development and growth. And that’s really what the Employee Performance Reviews is supposed to do in the first place.

Such technology not only allows employers to better target development programs but also potentially give them more insight into employees’ actions and decisions as they have more conversations/ tasks/ allocations in the record, all collected in one digital hub.

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