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Based on study by ‘The Engagement Institute’ disengaged employees can cost US Companies up to $450 to $550 billion a year.

So, in order to increase the bottom-line organizations, need to keep their employees engaged and motivated

At UPRAiZAL we define Engagement how involved and how passionate employee is regarding work. Engaged employees are the most productive, who add to the bottom line of the company. Based on Gartner employee engagement must measure Management perception, Job understanding, relationship with peers/managers and growth opportunities. All these KPIs are measured in UPRAiZAL.

UPRAiZAL Pulse Polls module helps organizations to get real time and actionable feedback from employees on regular basis.

Based on real time insights managers or HR can take corrective action quickly.

Also findings from Gallup shows that employees who are engaged shows

  • – 41% reduction in Absenteeism
  • – 24% less turnover
  • – 17% increase in Productivity
    • UPRAiZAL polls provide pulse of an employee on continuous basis. This helps in bringing positive culture within the organizations. Most of the organizations conduct annual surveys at the end of the year which does not provide timely information. UPRAiZAL Pulse polls conduct automated polls on weekly/monthly basis to get real time pulse on different KPI which would help managers and HR to take corrective action quickly.

      All the responses provided by employees are classified into important KPIs which help top management or HR to figure out the root cause of their dissatisfaction.

      Here are some of the KPIs

      • Recognition
      • Peer Relationship
      • Career Development
      • Job Characteristics
      • Manager Relationship
      • Work Life Balance

      Here are main features of UPRAiZAL Pulse Polls


      Question Bank:
      UPRAiZAL provides questions repository related to different categories like employee wellbeing, employee relationship, work life balance etc.

      Custom Polls:
      Using UPRAIZAL custom polls organizations can figure out what’s in their employee’s mind by creating custom poll for asking feedback, rewarding employee etc.

      Risk Analytics:
      Based on responses from employees heatmap will help Managers and HR in finding out risk level of employees for various categories defined. This will help Manager and HR to take appropriate action immediately.

      Polls Result:
      For each question you can view the statistics related how many employees have answered the polls along with result summary.
      Apart from above UPRAiZAL has unique feature related to events.
      Events related to employees can be logged into UPRAiZAL by HR and Managers which can be used as referenced later. The data collected from these events is processed within UPRAiZAL to calculate the employee risk.

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