Enhance Employee Engagement

Why employee engagement is essential

Most organizations lack in enhance employee engagement. The employees don’t feel motivated enough to work for an organization which doesn’t have transparent business processes, interesting and easy-to-use platforms, enough acknowledgement from their superiors or peers and effective performance enhancement programs. This results in low-productive workforce and higher attrition rate.

UPRAiZAL steers enhanced employee engagement

UPRAiZAL, is an employee performance appraisal platform that has not only made the process transparent but has also guaranteed enhance employee engagement. Here’s how UPRAiZAL has stimulated employee engagement within an organization.

  • UPRAiZAL offers gamified appraisal platform where employees score points for various actions they take within it. They win merit badges that can affect their appraisal decision.
  • Through UPRAiZAL, employees participate in their appraisal process through gamification of UPRAiZAL. This makes them feel trusted hence they become more motivated and engaged towards their job.
  • UPRAiZAL offers task-based assessment which removes the subjectivity from the assessment process. The employees know what the evaluation metrics are and can identify their shortfalls. This stimulates competitiveness and motivates the employees. They try to overcome their lacks and improve their ratings.

To know more about how UPRAiZAL can engage your workforce and motivate them to improve their performance, call us today for a free demo.

Enhance Employee Engagement
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