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Simplifying task management with UPRAiZAL employee task management application

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Are you still depending on emails to assign a task to your team? Scenarios are changing now. Managers and supervisors have an easy way out. UPRAiZAL – Performance Appraisal Applications has brought you the easiest way to create, track and rate your team’s performance. No more cumbersome processes of emails or maintaining spreadsheets. The UPRAiZAL employee task management application offers a better way of task tracking and task status visualization for the managers and the employees.

What exactly UPRAiZAL does?

  • Inherits, creates, tracks and manages employee’s tasks
  • Rate the employees’ performance based on pre-decided metrics
  • Provides real-time analytics for employee assessment based on the NPL (Natural Language Processing) algorithm
  • Increases employee engagement through gamification leading to a better performing workforce

UPRAiZAL mobile Application – Know more about it

UPRAiZAL has an easy-to-use native mobile application. The UPRAiZAL employee task management application is compatible with IOS and Android devices. The application is available on Apple Store or Google Play store.

TriXCi – The smartest virtual assistant

TriXCi is a chatbot designed to act as a virtual guide for the users. It is programmed to provide answers to all queries related to the modules and features of UPRAiZAL. TriXCi interacts with the user in simple American English. However, the language up-gradation for TriXCi is in the process to make her competent to interact in all major languages used across the globe. Implementation of TriXCi has further simplified the navigation of the software.

The benefits of UPRAiZAL employee task management application

Efficient task management

UPRAiZAL mobile application makes task management easier. Managers are often vested with the responsibility of handling multiple projects. UPRAiZAL application it the easiest way to visualize the progress of each project to the granular level anytime and anywhere; even while on a move.

Effective time and money management

When you have a clear idea about the progress of your projects, rest assured, you have everything sorted. You can foresee, plan and mitigate risks. The UPRAiZAL application helps in optimal use of resources; this is critical to succeeding in today’s competitive business scenario. You can effectively trace every minute and every dollar spent on each project.

Remote Management

Not all companies are locally stationed. Huge corporate have their branches spread across geographies. With UPRAiZAL employee task management application, tracking remote employees becomes effortless. The managers and supervisors do not have to walk up the employee personally to get an update on his work status.

Unlimited Accessibility

The UPRAiZAL employee task management application is not limited to the managers and supervisors. It offers role-based access. The employees can download the application on their mobile devices and get updates on the tasks assigned to them without logging on to their laptops or desktops. Thus, planning and prioritizing tasks become easier.

Improved engagement

UPRAiZAL has included gamification to make the employee task management extremely engaging. You can directly login from your mobile application and earn points just for logging-in or acknowledging your colleague’s efforts. You need not take the pain of opening your laptop or desktop. These points add to your rating effectively and can earn you a hike.

The Best Performance Appraisal Applications helps in streamlining business operations, keeps you updated, expedites decision making, saves time and improves accessibility. UPRAiZAL’s unique Best Performance Appraisal Applications software has taken multiple industries by storm. The mobile application has made UPRAiZAL even more demanding.

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