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Key features of an employee performance management software

Employee Performance

Performance management is no longer a once a year process done by the HR and the management. In recently times employee performance evaluation and management have become more fluid, continuous and objective. Performance management is critical not only for the employee’s growth but also for significant organizational development. For effective performance management, it is important to get an employee performance management software.

Continuous performance management encompasses activities like goal setting, real-time feedback, employee reward and recognition, and performance improvement planning. An ideal employee performance management software can help an organization to cover its goal by involving all the required activities necessary for performance evaluation.

Here are some key features of an ideal employee performance management software

  • Goal Setting – The employees must have a clear understanding of the organizational goals. You must communicate the goals and the expected performance with the employees. The goals you set must be achievable and aligned with the business strategies of your organizations. UPRAiZAL is an innovative employee performance management software that offers task-based employee management. It creates the task based on the KPIs it gathers from the organization’s existing task management systems and ensures that each task is perfectly aligned with the company’s goal.
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring – For improved performance management, continuous monitoring is vital. Observation helps you to identify a problem, if any and discuss it with the employee. If required motivate the employee and offer him assistance to get his performance back on track. UPRAiZAL, allows the supervisors or the managers to monitor the individual performance of each team members anytime and anywhere. It also initiates constant communication between the manager and employees to ensure their performances are never off-track.
  • Motivation and Training – Employees need to be motivated for better productivity and performance. Rewards and recognitions are the best ways to motivate employees to achieve goals and perform better. UPRAiZAL has a digital workspace that is open and accessible to all employees, across the organization irrespective of their physical locations. This is a common platform where an employee is recognized and acknowledged by his manager and colleagues. The ratings that he receives on each task also encourages him to put more effort to score higher for a better appraisal. Moreover, with UPRAiZAL, it is easy to design Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) for the underperformers to motivate and assist them to improve their performance.
  • Employee Engagement – Engaged employees are the most productive compared to their non-engaged counterparts. An effectual employee performance management software works to engage the employees. UPRAiZAL has gamified the appraisal process to engage employees. The employees score points for every action they take within UPRAiZAL like acknowledging or helping their peers. The points are compiled and lead them to win merit badges which can also impact their appraisal. UPRAiZAL is by and for the best employee performance management software that covers all ends of effective performance management. With UPRAiZAL, employee evaluation is based on facts instead of subjective assumptions or personal opinions. To know more about UPRAiZAL or request a free demo, contact us today.

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