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Employee Tracking & Monitoring Software For the organizations with increasing demand for productivity, it is crucial to have visibility on how their in-house, onsite, and remote employees are performing. This becomes quite challenging especially in large corporations like BPO – voice and text, etc. Maintaining on-time logins and logouts isn’t sufficient to monitor the employees’ contribution, there is a need to track, evaluate and analyze other supporting parameters too. Employee monitoring software like UPRAiZAL improves the employee productivity, ensures that the employees are following best practices at work, complete control over the intellectual properties data, etc. With upcoming technology trends, even the best employees end up being less productive by getting addicted to miscellaneous activities and spending less time constructively. The only solution for this is to enable systems that monitor and keep a track of tasks being taken up by employees. The solution is – UPRAiZAL an Employee Tracking software, which helps the organizations to keep their employees engaged, maintain transparency and increase employee retention. UPRAiZAL is a cost effective and efficient Employee Tracking software, that ensures employee tasks are constantly tracked and provides feedback on the completed tasks. UPRAiZAL an Employee Monitoring software helps organizations to build a more productive and transparent environment and bring in a harmonious relationship between employee and their manager, thus creating a motivated workforce.

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