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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

At UPRAiZAL, we seek to enhance employee engagement, a vital element for every organization seeking to keep workers happy and thrive financially. Unfortunately, most companies fail to have the right tools and processes in place to ensure their workforce is engaging with their work on a consistent basis. Our performance appraisal management system strives to change that shortcoming in order to boost employee engagement levels.

UPRAiZAL: Employee Engagement Needs to Be a Larger Priority

An integral part of the UPRAiZAL mission is to ensure our workforce goals are actionable, and backed by reliable data and OKRs.

A recent KPMG survey of 1,200 human resources (HR) executives around the globe discovered the following:

  • 85% of them see worker experience and engagement as being a metric that drives value to their organization.
  • However, only 24% are making the workplace experience a priority in the near future.

The team at UPRAiZAL finds this to be an alarming statistic, but not a surprising one.

Employees are often unmotivated to work for an organization that lacks transparent business processes, task management systems, actionable and easy-to-use platforms, and enough acknowledgement for their efforts from superiors or peers. We deem all these elements necessary to lift a workforce’s performance and productivity, while reducing the company’s attrition rate. We developed UPRAiZAL with this philosophy in mind.

UPRAiZAL fosters higher employee engagement rates

One of our core tenets at UPRAiZAL is to serve as an employee performance appraisal management platform designed to create a more transparent feedback process, guaranteeing higher engagement rates. Here are some ways UPRAiZAL has stimulated better performance within an organization:

Human resources
  • Valuable Gamification: We are a gamified performance appraisal management platform. What does this mean? Workers score points for taking certains actions, achieving OKRs, reaching milestones, and engaging with the platform regularly. They win merit badges that can positively impact their performance appraisal metrics. Measurable functionalities such as Surveys and Pulse Polls keep tabs on employee performances and engagement levels as well.
  • Bridging Trust: A vital element of UPRAiZAL is bringing employees into the appraisal process through the platform’s gamification functionalities, nurturing transparency. This feature builds trust between workers and managers, helping actively disengaged employees become more motivated in their work.
  • Actionable Assessments: To improve managerial task management processes, our team of developers created task-based assessments within the UPRAiZAL platform. The goal of it? To remove the subjectivity in the performance appraisal management process. Everyone has full knowledge of what the evaluation metrics are, allowing individuals with an organization to identify their shortcomings. This feature stimulates competition, further motivating workers by giving them the opportunity to overcome the weaker areas of their performance, and improve their ratings and OKRs.

Engaged employees are often happy, and that idea is something our team lives for. Data from the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For reveals the following:

  • 84% of people who work for these companies say they look forward to going to work.
  • In the rest of the workforce, only 42% are as motivated to go to work

Here at UPRAiZAL, we believe that creating a positive workplace where employee engagement is fostered, workers will be more interested in showing up to work and perform to the best of their abilities.

Keep reading to learn how UPRAiZAL can help your workers further engage in their work, motivating them to improve their performance, or call us today for a free demo.

Current Performance Appraisal Challenges

We recognize that there are many significant challenges in current performance management systems. Here are some of the most common obstacles organizations face:

  • Subpar and disorganized recordkeeping when monitoring performance issues.
  • Unclear or ambiguous performance goals and OKRs for workers and companies.
  • A lack of ROI calculation on someone’s efforts, which muddies the ability to measure how someone’s performance is benefiting an organization.
  • Performance data and feedback is subjective and manipulated, further removing objectivity and context.
  • Appraisals are conducted periodically rather than continuously, diminishing engagement and the consistency in someone’s performance.
  • Feedback is not as personalized and nuanced as it could be.

These are all elements that can play a role in reducing an employee’s satisfaction and pride in their work. If a person does not enjoy their work, or believe in what they’re doing, it reduces their engagement. In turn, lower engagement hampers their performance and commitment to the organization they work for.

Customer satisfaction

Better engagement = higher revenue

We turned to research to learn more about the dollars and cents of high employee engagement rates. Gartner studies from the last 10 years found the following:

  • The business performance of organizations where engagement scores are in the highest quartile is considerably higher than their competitors.
  • Vital organizational metrics such as average revenue growth, net profit margin, customer satisfaction, and earnings per share are all higher with these organizations as well.

Data from Gallup backs up these claims:

  • Organizations that have high performing engagement rates have earnings-per-share figures growth that quadruples their competitors.
  • They also have 21% higher profitability, and these employees tend to be healthier and happier.

We believe here at UPRAiZAL that to increase employee engagement, it’s important that they know what their tasks are, and what the employer’s expectations are of them. They also need the right training, tools, and resources to succeed. Workers also need to know that their work matters.

Other key elements in keeping employees engaged and performing at a high level include:

  • Developing a constructive, productive, and transparent relationship with their manager (features such as Pulse Poll and Employee Engagement Survey results help to maintain transparency across both parties).
  • Having a manager that understands an individual’s challenges, and provides solutions to help them overcome such obstacles.
  • Opportunity to grow and develop within the organization, learning new skills along the way.

UPRAiZAL offers a variety of solutions to help managers deliver these value-driven elements to workers, furthering their engagement.

UPRAiZAL Solutions to Enhance Employee Engagement

UPRAiZAL exists to create a more transparent, consistent, and contextual feedback loop to bolster performance appraisal. Data from more than 600 businesses with 50-500 workers found that 63.3% of companies find keeping people in their organizations more difficult than hiring the right person for the job.

Engaging workers regularly in a constructive and personal manner is key to retaining them, and long-tenured individuals tend to deliver better business outcomes in the long run. UPRAiZAL has a unique gamification functionality that measures the value of their efforts. Over time, an employee can earn achievements, creating a more engaged and productive workforce.

Key UPRAiZAL Engagement Features

With UPRAiZAL, managers can create Pulse Polls to measure how engaged workers are at the present moment. These polls help to identify which individuals are not as engaged in their work. Pulse Polls also examine the reason why someone may not be entirely happy with their job.

Enhance workforce engagement
Improve Employee Productivity

Tracking an individual’s performance trajectory is easy with UPRAiZAL, consisting of a four-step process:

  1. Create and assign task.
  2. Manage, monitor, and complete task.
  3. Measure the value of the task.
  4. Receive feedback and rating from the manager (between 0-4 stars).

There are many types of tasks, including standard tasks. Managers create such tasks to provide workers with steps to perform their tasks, as well as parameters for evaluating them. This process ensures that individuals have a clear path forward with their work, bolstering their engagement and communication with managers.

Employee engagement is also furthered with plugin support for other platforms that improve the employee experience, including Outlook, Jira, GitHub, Google Task, and more.

UPRAiZAL keeps members of the workforce in the loop of their progress on a consistent basis with a Task Progress Summary page where individuals can see when they started a task, the status of these tasks, their end date, and any feedback they received. This feature is integral in enhancing engagement rates.

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Our platform also has an Employee Occupancy screen, aiding engagement by clearly delineating the number of tasks that each worker has to complete, bolstering task management processes. It also shows how many tasks are currently in progress, and the length of each task in an easy-to-use calendar.

UPRAiZAL is also available as a mobile platform for iOS and Android, encouraging on-the-go engagement.

UPRAiZAL: The Ultimate Employee Engagement Tool

UPRAiZAL was developed by utilizing research from top analytics firms, providing organizations with a decentralized performance appraisal management approach. The platform removes bias, using objectivity to measure an individual’s efforts with an accurate task rating. It provides instant feedback to encourage higher employee engagement, motivation, and advancement.

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