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Digital Workspace

Understanding UPRAiZAL’s Digital Workspace

The Appraisal digital workspace is an area in UPRAiZAL which is visible and accessible to all users. Here employees can seek work related help from their peers and acknowledge their performance. The supervisors or managers can use the digital Software workspace to recognize their team members. The digital software workspace in UPRAiZAL helps the employees stay connected.

Key Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s Digital Workspace

  • Improved connectivity and communication – The digital software workspace allows employees to have better communication and connectivity. Remote employees can communicate and seek help using the Appraisal digital software workspace. UPRAiZAL’s digital workspace expedites decision making and prevents miscommunication among employees.
  • Better employee engagement – the Appraisal digital software workspace improves employee engagement. The employees feel engaged towards their jobs when they receive acknowledgement and recognition from their team members or manager in an open forum. A sense of responsibility to perform better builds which makes him/her more productive.
  • Adds to the ROI – The Appraisal digital software workspace improves communication, connectivity among employees, makes them better engaged; these in return add to the company’s bottom line.
Digital Workspace

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