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Decoding 360 Degree Performance Appraisal Facts

Decoding 360 Degree Performance Appraisal Facts

The 360 Degree Performance Appraisal Solution is now the Modern Appraisal trend and strategy. The evolution of the corporate world has seen a number of staff appraisal strategies wherein the employee performances are evaluated by a predefined method. While not all of them are reliable, a few appraisal solutions are considered quite effective when executed right. One such strategy in today’s corporate arena is the 360 Evaluation, 360 Degree Feedback, 360 Degree Performance Appraisal solution.

This is very much different from the conventional employee performance review as it does not deal just with the evaluation by the superiors or the top tier management. As the name itself indicates, the 360 Degree Performance appraisal solution review primarily is an assessment tool that operates on the professional feedback from each and every member of the staff you work with. It could be your superiors, subordinates, peers, co-workers, customers and last but not least, yourself! Yes, professional self-assessment is a part of it as well!

The 360-degree Feedback or review is considered highly effective by most management groups today. While it is not hugely considered a reliable employee 360-degree feedback method when it comes to performance appraisal in some cases, 360 Evaluation is however considered a great tool to evaluate the employee’s behavior as well as competencies. The feedback from colleagues and other staff gives the management an idea of the different areas where an employee has the need for development.

How Companies Benefit from This?

As mentioned above, this is an employee appraisal method that basically gives the management an idea of employee’s professional and behavioral traits. This review solution can be used by the top-level management to discover and harness the true potential or skills of the employee. To put it simply, this performance review tool can be used to determine whether the employee deserves the promotion to the next level. Whether he/she has what it takes to make it count for self as well as the company.

The Blocks of 360 Degree Performance Appraisal


To begin with, a Self-Appraisal of the employee is considered crucial. When an employee is being his/her own critique, it is important to be genuine. They should judge their professional performance, their strengths and weaknesses, by considering a variety of factors including their efficiency, skillset, discipline and team-work.

Peer Appraisal

The success of an organization depends highly on how well the staff works together as a team and each and every employee has a role to play in that. The peer 360 Degree feedback basically enables the management to learn whether the employee is an ideal team player or not.

Sub-Ordinate Appraisal

When considering an employee for appraisal, especially for a promotion to a senior or top level, his/her ability to lead, manage and delegate smoothly should be analyzed. That is where the subordinate appraisal comes in. It gives the management an idea of how well the employee is communicating and leading them. Here is where one can truly discover the employee’s behavioral traits as well.

Superior Appraisal

This is quite straightforward. The superiors or the manager leading the employee in question would, in fact, should have a clear idea of how his subordinate is performing in both the professional as well as behavioral aspects.

Customer Appraisal

The customer or client appraisal is something we see in select few organizations. An employee’s performance and his/her ability to meet the client’s needs and requirements are learned from this performance review.

The combination of all these individual appraisal methods forms this review method. A 360 Degree Performance Appraisal to be considered efficient however must carry certain features.

  • Those who provide the feedback must have a clear knowledge of the system and the factors that determine the appraisal
  • The appraisal solution must be simple enough for the management to analyze the employee performance

If these requirements are met, then there is nothing better than this comprehensive analysis of the employee’s performance of 360 Evaluation. The organization can reap a number of advantages with this solution that includes its credibility, accuracy, ability to improve the behavioral traits of the employees and the overall development of the organization.

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