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Continuous Conversation

Continuous Conversation

Organization must have a platform within their ecosystem which would help in improving the performance of an employee, build relationship among employees and capture voice of employees in real time.

Appraisal Continuous conversation is the conversation between employees and managers related to

  • Status of the objective/task to be accomplished (also known as check-ins)
  • Giving regular and constructive feedback to employee for achieving the objective/task
  • Issues faced while accomplishing the task
  • Quality of work being delivered

Continuous conversation can help organization in

  • Removing hurdles while accomplishing an objective
  • Motivating employees
  • Improving business process
  • Timely recognition of employees
  • Improving quality of work
  • Improving productivity of employees
  • Improving relationship between employees and Managers
  • Reducing Attrition

UPRAiZAL helps organization in providing platform for Appraisal continuous conversation. UPRAiZAL has in-built AI engine which uses all the conversation between employee and manager for discovering insights and identifying trends.

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