Constant Conversation

Understanding UPRAiZAL’s constant conversation feature

The conversation is the key to success. UPRAiZAL stimulates continuous communication between the manager and his teammates. The manager can gauge the status of work assigned to an employee. He can track the time and effort the employee is investing in completing the task. The manager can eventually walk up to his teammate and help him/her sort out the problem if he notices an excessive delay in completion of a task.

Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s Constant Conversation feature

  • Removes cognitive dissonance – UPRAiZAL’s platform encourages constant conversation between the manager and his team mates. This dilutes the cognitive dissonance building up within the employee due to work pressure or any other reason.
  • Expedites problem-solving – The constant communication resolve problems before they snowball into bigger dimension. UPRAiZAL prompts better and transparent communication between the manager and his teammates ensuring the problem is solved without any further escalation.
  • Motivates employees – The continuous feedback from the manager or the supervisor motivates the employees to become more productive. It also improves collaboration among employees which in turn benefits the organization.
Constant Conversation

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