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Constant Conversation


UPRAiZAL is a powerful performance management tool for organizations seeking to retain their talent by ensuring employees are always leveling up. To this end, our team developed the Constant Conversation feature, which stimulates continuous communication between the manager and their teammates, bolstering the employee evaluation process.

Challenges Constant Conversation Helps Organizations to Overcome

UPRAiZAL recognizes that current business performance evaluation systems are not as effective or consistent as they should be, and research backs these shortcomings

A study by HR firm TriNet surveyed 1,000 employees between the ages of 18 and 34 on the efficacy of the existing performance review process. Here are some relevant insights:

  • About 69% of respondents found the current process to be flawed.
  • They added that they often feel like they’re being graded and talked down to.
  • Most respondents believe that workplace conversations need to offer “more frequent, specific, and meaningful feedback, and to be part of a real, ongoing conversation”.
  • Additional research finds that less than one in 10 millennials believe weekly communication is enough, with 35% of respondents requesting manager communications multiple times a day.

The UPRAiZAL team recognizes the frustration of employees with existing performance appraisal management systems in the modern work environment. The Constant Conversation feature aims to reduce such displeasure, and improve the quality of feedback they receive

UPRAiZAL implements SMART assessment methodology, a common HR philosophy that asks managers to provide feedback that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. The value of specificity cannot be understated, and communicating feedback on a personal level has been proven to increase employee productivity rates.

Employee Feedback

UPRAiZAL: Constant Conversation Cultivates Employee Engagement

The UPRAiZAL feature paves the way for managers to gauge the status of work they have assigned to an employee–a vital part of the performance management process. Specifically, they can optimize task management by measuring OKRs, including how long it takes an employee to complete a task, and how much effort they’re putting into it. In instances where there is an unusual delay in completing a task, the manager can directly approach their employee and help them find a solution for their obstacle.

Benefits of UPRAiZAL’s Constant Conversation Feature

Constant Conversation
  • Removes Cognitive Dissonance – With the UPRAiZAL platform’s Constant Conversation feature, a manager is expected to communicate more frequently with their employees. The goal? To reduce the chances of cognitive dissonance occurring between a manager and an employee due to work pressure, or any other reason.
  • Expedites Problem-Solving – Frequent interactions is a vital part of preventing making a mountain out of a molehill. If a manager and their employee are in constant conversation, they are able to nip problems in the bud before they build up into something larger that may get out of hand. UPRAiZAL promotes better and transparent communication channels between a manager and their teammates, which fares favorably during the employee evaluation process. The goal is to solve problems before they escalate, and this is what UPRAiZAL is designed to help organizations achieve.
  • Motivates and Engages Employees – The Constant Conversation philosophy breeds motivation from employees. Having continuous feedback that is both constructive and acknowledging of their successes further engages employees, helping them become more productive. Over time, this methodology bolsters collaboration among employees, creating a more positive and fast-working environment.

For more information on UPRAiZAL, our Constant Conversation feature, and to request a free demo, contact us now.

UPRAiZAL Constant Conversation Solutions to Enhance Productivity

Our team believes that adding a SMART methodology to organizations is easily achievable with the right tools. UPRAiZAL creates Constant Conversation with ease through a number of features, continuously improving the performance appraisal management process.

A SHRM survey of 800 HR and people management professionals in businesses with more than 500 employees discovered that having the right technological tools is integral to facilitate the process of providing employee feedback. Here are some relevant insights:

  • 87% of respondents find that managers would benefit from having technological tools to help them accrue and manage feedback.
  • 84% of HR leaders believe technology is useful in bridging the conversational gap with employees.
  • 82% of respondents said that the right tech provides managers with reminders to have relevant conversations regarding the performance and growth of employees on a consistent basis.

UPRAiZAL’s Constant Conversation methodology is geared towards bolstering productivity OKRs by making interactions between managers and employees easier and more frequent.

Key UPRAiZAL Constant Conversation Features


With UPRAiZAL, employees remain engaged with managers regularly thanks to a number of features, including the following:

  • Gamification: The UPRAiZAL platform utilizes a Gamification functionality, allowing employees to garner points. Over time, they can win badges for their work and interactions with managers. The Gamification feature uses OKR-based rewards to encourage employees to communicate with their managers more frequently, building towards a more connected and productive workplace.
  • Machine Learning: UPRAiZAL uses Machine Learning technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to increase transparency in communication. A study released by the Journal of Public Relations Research notes that organizations seeking to improve employee engagement need to “remove obstacles to internal information flow and provide ongoing feedback to employees about individual and organizational issues”. NLP is designed to tackle this issue, as it analyzes and interprets textual interactions between managers and employees. In turn, the technology unearths some nuances of conversation such as tone and context. By creating more clear communication channels, conflict potential is reduced, and employees are able to interact with managers more frequently.
  • Event Logs and Pulse Polls: These features help to detect how employees are performing, promoting higher engagement, and revealing the Employee Risk Analysis Heatmap. Such functionalities promote the Constant Conversation methodology by measuring employee efforts, and allowing managers to offer performance improvement guidance on a continuous basis.
  • Performance Assessment Tracking: UPRAiZAL further develops employee-manager relationships with a Performance Assessment Tracking system. Within it, employees and managers can conduct task management functionalities such as creating and assigning tasks, managing and completing them, reviewing them, and providing feedback on these tasks in a visible and comprehensive manner. The efficacy of this feature is backed by research from Gartner, which finds that having performance reviews that are forward-looking rather than backward-looking can bolster employee performance by up to 13%. Plus, ongoing feedback — rather than episodic interactions — can improve employee performance by 12%.
  • KRA Task: Many types of tasks abound in the platform, including KRA Tasks. These are created automatically out of data amassed through UPRAiZAL, assigning tasks to employees to help them improve in various areas.

Constant Conversation is further nurtured within UPRAiZAL with Plug-In support for external applications such as Outlook and Jira. Consolidating all employee-manager interactions within the UPRAiZAL platform fosters more transparency by reducing instances of lost or forgotten interactions.

Keeping the conversation alive is key, and UPRAiZAL allows employees and managers to do this on the go via the UPRAiZAL mobile application.

UPRAiZAL: Constant Conversation for Every Workplace

UPRAiZAL was developed by utilizing research from top analytics firms, providing organizations with a decentralized performance appraisal management approach. The platform is designed to promote continuous interactions between managers and employees to bolster employee performance levels and productivity by enhancing their OKRs. With functionalities such as NLP and Tasks, we help your organization’s communication channels become as transparent and constructive as possible.

Constant Conversation

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