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Mitigation critical BPO challenges with performance evaluation software

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Business Process Outsourcing often abbreviated as BPO refers to the outsourcing of non-core business processes to a third-party service provider. The BPO services include Human Resource (HR), payroll, customer service/call center, accounts and so on. BPO agencies employ experts from various fields to cater to their clients from diverse business verticals. The success of a BPO is rooted in the performance of its employees, hence it is imperative to evaluate and measure the performance of every individual. A BPO performance evaluation software helps to measure the performance of the employees based on their KRAs. UPRAiZAL is the latest inclusion in the list of the best performance evaluation software for BPO. It offers task-based employee performance evaluation through an engaging gamified platform, removing subjectivity from the entire appraisal system, making it more transparent.

Mitigating BPO challenges with a performance evaluation software

The BPO industries endure multiple roadblocks some of these are higher employee attrition rate, disengaged employees, displeased customers, lack of quality assurance and schedule adherence. Let’s have a look, how an effective BPO performance evaluation software can help companies jump these speed breakers

Lack of quality assurance – lower call quality, repetitive call drops, longer call-waiting and prolonged ticket turnaround time is enough to chase-off the clients and lower the production for a BPO agency. An innovative BPO performance evaluation software has an answer to these. UPRAiZAL offers task-based performance evaluation to identify the non-performers and the underperformers within a team. UPRAiZAL can also design a performance enhancement plan for the weaker performers to help them get back on track. The task-based evaluation visibly brings down the ticket turnaround time and increases the number of first-time solutions. Call-waiting time, call-disconnections and call-abandonments are brought down to zero resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Higher employee attrition rate – BPO agencies are often challenged with a higher employee turnover rate. The agents are always in search of newer job opportunities. Deploying a performance evaluation software not only evaluates the employees but also guarantees improved employee engagement and productivity. UPRAiZAL is a similar BPO performance appraisal solution that guarantees higher employee engagement through a gamified appraisal system. The employees score points, win merit badges and top leader board as they complete the jobs assigned to them. It engages the employee to their jobs and makes them more productive and loyal to the company thus considerably bringing down the attrition rate.

Lack of schedule adherence – Schedule adherence is a metric to decide whether the agents are sticking to their schedules. Lower schedule adherence rate suggests that agents/employees are not adhering to their schedule which can result in a lower customer satisfaction rate. A BPO performance evaluation software like UPRAiZAL matches the schedule adherence metrics with the employee performance data to ensure the employees are appraised based on the actual work they have done.

A BPO performance appraisal software helps agencies to overcome critical challenges. Investing in functional BPO performance evaluation software help companies have better customer and employee satisfaction score. UPRAiZAL offers tailored BPO solutions for assisting in clearing even the toughest roadblocks. Contact us today to know more about UPRAiZAL or request for a free demo.

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