Point in Time Appraisal Solution & Task Management Software

Manage and track all your tasks and get point in time rating using Upraizal

What is Upraizal – An Agile Task Management Appraisal Solution

UPRAiZAL is a highly configurable web-based application which provides continuous ongoing Task management Appraisal Solution and Task-based assessment solution to derive weekly/monthly/yearly ratings for employee appraisal Caluculated on the accumulation of the task ratings in Task management Software earned over a period of time


Task Management Appraisal Solution
Cloud as well as on-premise

UPRAiZAL is DIY Configurable, can be deployed both on cloud and on-premise. It can be integrated with any HRMS suites.

Task Management Appraisal Solution

UPRAiZAL offers an intuitive user experience for both employees and reviewers. Leverage increased user participation and make the employee performance and Task management process more engaging.

Task Management Appraisal Solution

Offers out-of-box functionality that fits your existing workflow along with customization of specific needs such as the domain-specific evaluation criteria on which task performance is assessed can be configured.

Task Management Appraisal Solution
Performance & Reliability

UPRAiZAL Task Management Software application is consistently available and allows users to complete assessment process quickly from anywhere, at any time.

Task Management Appraisal Solution

Offers visuals of the current status and performance metrics for instant & informed performance assessments, comprehensive performance dashboards with intuitive visualization of projects, technology-wise projects, and resources, task performance of employees.

Task Management Appraisal Solution
360 Degree Feedback

Provides organizations with 360 Degree Feedback feature on his/her performance with accurate, data-driven analytics and metrics. Get transparency in every stage of employee evaluation and appraisal process.

Task Management Appraisal Solution
Real-Time Assessment

Gain real-time assessments on employee performance right from task creation to completion, self-assessment of the task, immediate supervisor, and manager assessment, cumulative tasks rating, point and time rating.

Task Management Appraisal Solution

UPRAiZAL app can be downloaded from Apple app store. Stay focused on the mobile app as well.