Appraisal Software

Employee Performance Appraisal Software is an integral and an important part of any and every business. It is meant to produce several benefits for employees as well as the employer. It helps employees understand where they stand in terms of their field of expertise and if there is any room for improvement. Employers, on the other hand, can track employees’ performance, efficiency, skill, expertise, etc. and plan to promote employees who stand out in terms of performance or arrange training or workshops for those whose skills can be improved further.

The big question here is, is the Performance Appraisal Software really bringing out what it is intended to? Is it focused rightly? Is it transparent? Is it able to keep aside the human influence or past history of an employee?

There are several drawbacks to the traditional performance Appraisal Solutions or year-end performance Measurement.

UPRAiZAL provides the Best Appraisal Software, It is a complete change in the dynamics of Performance Management Process to Overcome Traditional Performance measurement solutions. It is a ‘CONCEPT’ which fosters healthier organizations by creating healthier Employee / Employer relationships by giving them instant feedback and ratification of the contribution they have made.

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