Gamifying  Appraisal

UPRAiZAL is a continuous task based performance appraisal management system which provides objectivity to task measurement.

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MS Outlook Integration

UPRAiZAL offers Out-of-Box integration with MS Outlook. The user can initiate, allocate, track, rate and close the tasks from MS Outlook.

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UPRAiZAL app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Stay focused on mobile app as well.

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Cloud As Well As On-Premise

UPRAiZAL is DIY Configurable, can be deployed both on cloud and on-premise. It can be integrated with any HRMS suites.

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Deployment In Days

UPRAiZAL can be configured and implemented within days unlike other Enterprise applications.

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Others Add-Ins

UPRAiZAL is seamlessly integrated with JIRA, TFS, MS Dynamics, SharePoint and GitHub to facilitate users to import tasks into UPRAiZAL.

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UPRAiZAL supports localization i.e. I18N, to adapt the application to a specific language and make it available for world-wide audience. Currently available in English and Arabic.

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UPRAiZAL can be linked to various task management software. It integrates with various add-ins to these systems and can inherit data from them, process them as tasks in UPRAiZAL. The results can be seen within UPRAiZAL or can be exported into any HRMS / HCM suite.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace gives all employees a common forum to appreciate other employees or ask for any work related help which is responded to by any other employee within the organization.

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Role Based Access

UPRAiZAL offers an intuitive user experience based upon the role based hierarchy for all dashboards and analytics.

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Multi-Tenant Environment

Supports multi-tenant environment which enables an organization to run any department as a tenant.

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Pulse Polls

Pulse Polls can be initiated within the organization and for specific teams. We have an underlying criteria where an employee can earn points which is linked to leader boards.

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TriXCi is the chatbot or conversational interface for UPRAiZAL that initiates chat through artificial intelligence. TriXCi can communicate promptly and effectively with the user without any human intervention. It is designed to simplify UPRAiZAL application navigation for the users and answers questions relevant to the key features of UPRAiZAL.

UPRAiZAL Differentiators

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UPRAiZAL enables task tracking for Continuous Performance Appraisal to improve employee engagement, productivity and motivation.

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Increases employee engagement using it’s unique gamification functionality, where the employees can score points and win badges and thus transforms employees into more engaged and productive workforce.

Constant Conversation

Provides constant conversation between the employee and manager which reduces cognitive dissonance and improves employee motivation.


Rating is a continuous accumulation of tasks which provides point-in-time appraisal helping in identifying performers and non-performers. Provides retrospective and forward-looking perspective of employee performance.


Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other Machine learning (ML) techniques to gather the tone of discussion between employee and Manager thus providing analytics for real-time employee evaluation.

MS outlook integration

Removes subjectivity by linking the performance to objective criteria –removes ambiguity and bias from process and promotes employee merit.

UPRAiZAL has a virtual assistant – TriXCi – the conversational interface, a rule-based computer program that initiates chat through artificial intelligence. This chatbot can communicate promptly and effectively with the users without any human intervention and simplifies the UPRAiZAL navigation for them.

Easily configurable in various domains like Information Technology, BPO, ITES, Manufacturing, Insurance etc. Implementation & configuration can be done within days.

UPRAiZAL Process

UPRAiZAL Process
Employee Timeline

UPRAiZAL enables visibility and control of tasks in your organization

Demo Video

Organization’s most valuable asset are its people (HUMAN CAPITAL), yet they remain unsatisfied due to reviews based on the tendency to stereotype or judging by the recent behavior of employees. UPRAiZAL helps organizations to eliminate such distortions in performance assessments with the means of ongoing multi-level Team Management task-based performance assessments.

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