Still doing Annual Appraisals and waiting to see performance after one year !!
Now see your team performance on a task, project, technology stream and company wide basis on a drill-able dashboard.
Move on to agile performance in an agile work environment – move on to UPRAIZAL !!!
UPRAIZAL moves away from the traditional bell-curve driven year end appraisals with our highly configurable web-based application which provides continuous ongoing TASK assessment solution to derive year end ratings for annual appraisal as an accumulation of the task ratings earned throughout the year along with an appraisal of core professional competencies.
Cloud as well as on-premise
Cloud as well as on-premise

UPRAIZAL is ready to use as a cloud application, as well as ready to deploy on-premise. Moreover, it can operate as standalone product, and it can even be incorporated into any larger HR management suite that manage other functions, such as payroll, recruiting, etc.


UPRAIZAL offers an intuitive user experience for both employees and reviewers. It has a streamlined interface and an easy navigation which will help to increase user participation and make the performance management process more engaging.


UPRAIZAL will be a strong fit for your team. UPRAIZAL offers out-of-box functionality that fits the existing workflow of your organization, or the solution can also be customized or tailored to match specific needs of an organization such as the domain-specific evaluation criteria on which task performance is assessed can be configured.

Performance & Reliability
Performance & Reliability

The application is consistently available and allows users to complete assessment process quickly from anywhere, at any time.


UPRAIZAL offers an easier comprehension of the information, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status and historical trends of performance metrics to enable instantaneous and informed performance assessments to be made at a glance. Comprehensive performance dashboards with intuitive visualization of projects, resources, technology-wise projects and resources, task performance of employees during a period come pre-packaged with UPRAIZAL.

Streamlined Process
  • JAN


    Immediate superior decides the milestones and tasks within a project for each resource. Assigns the tasks in UPRAIZAL along with specifying the reviewers who will review the task.

  • FEB

    Self Assessment

    Employees participation is the key factor, they assess their own performance after completion of the task. Since the employee has to choose from a list of descriptive parameters (and not mere numbers), the self assessment is also done objectively.

  • Immediate Superior and Manager’s Assessment

    Rating is not based on mere numbers but an option of descriptive phrases is provided while rating against each criteria on which the task is assessed. The criteria for task appraisal are configurable and can be changed from organization to organization, from department to department.

  • DEC

    Management and HR Review

    In addition to ongoing task assessment throughout the year, the non technical strengths & professional values of employees are also evaluated. Some of the metrics on which the HR feedback is provided include: Attendance, Professional Ethics & Soft skills, Integrity, Reliability, Alignment with organizational values, Stress Management, etc. These metrics can be configured to fit the specific needs of an organization.

  • DEC

    Cumulative Tasks Rating

    A comprehensive performance summary showing the overall employee rating provides a one-stop insight of one’s performance.

  • Periodic Final Rating

    The year-end rating is a function of the task rating accumulated over the year, along with the HR rating on the professional values and core competencies, and finally any management intervention. Again, how much weightage is to be given to task assessments, task quality, HR rating etc is configurable.


Because a bell curve grading forces employees of a company into groups, it is called the forced ranking system of appraisal. Some HR professionals believe that a bell curve is the best way to identify the top performers and under-performers, whereas others believe it compels the appraiser to use a forced rating instead of a fair one. However, the task based rating is an accumulation of the ratings earned throughout the year on the tasks accomplished along with an appraisal of some core professional competencies. It,
  • Streamlines process of employee evaluation and performance tracking.
  • Offers greater visibility and transparency for both managers and employees.
  • Increases participation among both managers and employees.
  • Improves consistency and accuracy and objectivity of employee evaluations.
  • Helps the employees improve and succeed with continuous and collaborative feedback.

Attrition Analytics

Attrition Analytics Solution provides insights which are descriptive and predictive in nature. Using Attrition Analytics, organization can build optimal retention plan for high performing individuals and reduce expenses significantly.

Challenges faced by organization

Employee cost is the most significant expense for most of the organizations. Majority of organizations spend months in training their newly hired employees. In majority of cases, trained employees leave which leads to expenses for organization with no gain. Also it is expensive for an organization to replace an individual on whom the organization has invested significant time and money. This UPRAIZAL will provide insights to the organization related to
  • Employee Net Value over period of time.
  • Make HR processes sensitive and proactive towards finding high potential candidate and low potential candidate.
  • Predicting Risk of employee leaving the organization.
  • Others Statistical insights like factors with low attrition rate etc.

Case Studies

Case One

Moving away from bell-curve

Case Two

Assessment as an ongoing activity rather than one-time event

Case One

A manager has chosen resources for a new project who are best performers within their individual teams. As organization was following bell curve model for performance appraisal, the company forced the manager to have a certain percentage of resources at the top, certain percentage at the bottom, and a large swath in the middle. As a result, the manager has to rate the employees in such a way that they will fall in specific gradients just for the sake of bell curve requirements despite being sure that they have all performed the same. Effectively, the manager has been forced to rate the bottom 10% to get a low rating, creating “losers” in the group. So even if team is of all high performers, someone is still at the bottom.
UPRAIZAL helps organization to move away from the traditional bell-curve driven year end appraisals by providing continuous ongoing TASK assessment solution to derive year end appraisal as an accumulation of the task ratings earned throughout the year. In the above case, as all the resources performed well, they would be rated at par rather than being force ranked to have someone tagged at the bottom.

Case Two

An employee who took maternity leave for 3 months was performing very well in the previous quarter. However, Helen’s performance after long leave was not up to par. Within a month the performance had returned to its previous high level, but the manager’s opinion remained the same that the Helen’s performance was adversely affected by the initial negative impression and Helen has to suffer as manager has rated her being judgemental. This tendency of a manager to make initial positive or negative judgement of an employee and allow that first impression to color or distort later information is common in most of the organizations.
UPRAIZAL helps organizations to have fair and realistic evaluation ON THE CURRENT TASK, and supervisors have the scope to provide more relevant and legitimate comments. In the above case, the employee’s tasks performed prior to her maternity leave would also have been assessed then & there in that quarter, and later, once her performance came back to speed, that would also instantly get recorded. The eventual review/assessment turns out more accurate rather than just a process of clicking on a bunch of canned numbers.
UPRAiZAL Demo Video
Organization’s most valuable asset are it’s people (HUMAN CAPITAL), yet they remain unsatisfied due to reviews based on the tendency to stereotype or judging by the recent behavior of employees. UPRAIZAL helps organizations to eliminate such distortions in performance assessments with the means of ongoing multi-level task based performance assessments.